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This guy has not arrived yet! But will be here Wednesday, the 5th from our amazing sister group, DDB Blue Ridge. This 6-year-old boy has lived outside, been neglected time and again but finally, the DDB gang over there convinced the owner to surrender after trying to work for a few years to get better conditions for Puppy. We welcome him with open arms to help him learn about home living and get some training under his belt. Since his first real Holiday is going to be here, we can not wait to shower him with toys, blankets and all things dogs deserve!

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If you would prefer to send toys, treats, food or beds please see the attached "wish list". We have made a list of each dog's favorite toys, comfy beds, chew toys, bedding, etc through Amazon. The shipping address will automatically populate when you order through this list. Please know, this is just a sampling of some of the many items every one of our dogs would love. They, and we, appreciate every toy, every bed, every donation and gift. Please feel free to send whatever you think each dog would love most. Thank you for supporting the dogs of Dogs Deserve Better and Happy Holidays to all.