Hero Fund

Hero Fund

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The Hero Fund is in honor of "Hero," who never had her chance at love, and all the dedicated animal lovers out there rescuing chained and penned dogs: You are dogs' heroes. Dogs are rescued from horrible lives at the end of a chain or from pens each and every day across the U.S. The groups and individuals who provide this valuable service for these dogs are rarely lauded for their efforts, but to the dogs who are freed from their prisons they will always be Heroes. Dogs Deserve Better seeks to not only give these groups and individuals recognition for their work for chained and penned dogs, but to relieve the financial burden of the vet bills incurred when rescuing a chained dog. Chained dogs rarely come with any past vet care, seldom even a rabies shot, which is required by law in every state. These dogs typically need shots, de-worming, and heartworm tests, as well as spay/neuter—just to get them started. With the Hero Fund, you can recognize these great heroes and help them help dogs!

Level 1: $12.50
Level 2: $25
Level 3: $50
Level 4: $100
Level 5: $250

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