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Beautiful Sadie


Sadie the day after she was rescued by animal control. 16 pounds underweight. Dehydrated. Heartworm and parasites. Thanks to people like you, she is now healthy and happy and ready to go home.


This is all sadie had to look at - just a wall. No window. No door. Just six feet of cinder blocks on all four sides.

Sweet Sadie came to Dogs Deserve Better after one caring policeman decided she was worth the save. Sadie lived her life in a make shift enclosure made from stacked cinder blocks. There was no entrance and no exit. The sky was the only view. Rain was bittersweet – it was her only source of water but it was also cold. Her food source was occasional scraps that were thrown over the wall. She was extremely malnourished. Her human was arrested (thank goodness) and she was taken to a facility that was high kill. The accommodations were not much better due to lack of funding. The officer could not stand the thought of her being on death row after she had been rescued from such a heinous environment, so he contacted DDB in hopes that we would take her.

Thanks to our supporters, Sadie is now healthy, happy and looking for her forever home. Not only is she young and vibrant, but she is one of the most intelligent dogs at the Good Newz Rehab Center. Sadie learns quickly and would make a great addition to any active family. Congratulations, Sadie! You’re going to be just fine! 

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Such a pretty girl - just waiting for a home of her own now.

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