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Valentine Request

Each year Dogs Deserve Better asks kids and adults to create Valentine's Day cards to be sent to owners who keep their dogs outside.

The cards are signed from their dog and ask the owner to let the dog inside in the nicest, and cutest, of ways. A brochure on the dangers of chaining a dog is also included. The Valentines are all hand made by groups who devote hours creating them. Schools, Scout groups, Church Groups, etc., hold Valentines parties for this effort. We are honored by the number of people who participate in this enormous effort to educate owners of chained and penned dogs.

If you know of a dog that needs to come inside and would like us to send them a Valentine, please complete this form.  If you would like to plan a Valentine Party to create Valentines for us, please email info@dogsdeservebetter.org with subject line: Valentines!. Thank you!

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