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Hero Fund Request


hero fundhopebefore

Hope before rescue and a Hero Fund to get her properly vetted.


Hope after. She's happy, healthy and home.

The Hero Fund helps support routine vet care needs for dogs who have been rescued from living outside on a chain or in a pen, and brought into a home.

This fund is supported solely by donations and often funding is limited. We assist as often as we can.

To date, the Hero Fund has provided over $83,000 in funding for people and rescues who have saved dogs from an outside life and adopted them into loving homes. Each grant is limited to a maximum of $300.00 and provides assistance for spay/neuter, rabies and distemper vaccines and an exam.

We are proud to offer assistance as often as possible to those who need our help. We are grateful to everyone who helps bring dogs into the family and save them from a miserable life outside. If you would like to donate toward this fund, please click here to donate to the Hero Fund.

To apply to the Hero Fund, please complete the form below. Be sure to upload photos of the dog before rescue and after which shows him living inside a home. The guidelines are listed below as well. Thank you.

Hero Fund Grant Guidelines:

1. Must fill out the form, below, in it's entirety in order to quality.

2. Dog must be a formerly chained or penned dog, or otherwise ostracized from the home and family, and photo evidence of chaining, penning, or other neglect must be uploaded.We are sorry, but we cannot fund stray rescues or shelter dogs unless we have evidence of former chaining or penning. The dog must be a very recent rescue (within two months of date of application) who still needs help with vet bills. Funds cannot be granted for a dog that was rescued months or years ago as the purpose of the fund is to help those individuals and groups who are currently stepping up to rescue a chained dog with funds to make it easier for them financially.

3. Must supply a photo of the dog after rescue, inside the home or facility or outside in a nice location interacting with other dogs or humans. No grants can be funded for those who still live outside after rescue, as that doesn't fall within the mission of Dogs Deserve Better. We need and expect to see a HAPPY after photo of your dog. Inside the home, warm and cozy, and getting the loving care he/she needs. No crate photos, please. We reserve the right to request better photos if photos do not reflect the way a dog deserves to live before funding a grant.

4. Must acknowledge the following conditions. By hitting the submit button, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following conditions: I maintain that all information submitted here is the truth. That the dog legally belongs to myself or said organization, and that I have legally rescued this dog from a chain or pen or other circumstance that may fit your criteria. I further agree that the dog will live inside the home or facility and will not be subjected to long periods without human or canine interaction. I agree that I/the organization noted is the sole legal guardian and owner of this dog, and that I hold Dogs Deserve Better harmless against any and all claims in relation to this dog. I agree not to euthanize the dog except in extreme cases of illness, injury, or aggression. DDB is giving out $300 grants for vet care for formerly chained or penned dogs. This is my application for said grant, however I acknowledge that it is not guaranteed to me. DDB reserves the right to refuse the grant to anyone on any basis whatsoever, and is not required to provide a reason for declination. No grants will be provided without photo proof of the dog's previous living conditions, and a photo of the dog after rescue. DDB bears no legal claim or responsibility for said dog, express or otherwise. I hereby grant DDB permission to post my story and photo of rescued dog upon acceptance into the program.

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