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The Hero Fund helps to support routine vet care for dogs that have been rescued from living outside on a chain or in a pen, and brought into a home. This fund is supported solely by donations and often funding is limited. We assist as often as we can but it can be difficult without your help. Scroll to request aid or donate to the fund by clicking the button below.

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About The Hero Fund

To date, the Hero Fund has provided over $120,000 in funding for people and rescues who have saved dogs from a harsh existence and adopted them into loving homes. Each grant is limited to a maximum of $300.00 and provides assistance for spaying/neutering, rabies and distemper vaccines, a full exam and other medical needs.

We are proud to offer assistance as often as possible to those who need our help. We are grateful to everyone who helps bring dogs into the family and save them from a miserable life outside.

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Please remember Hero Fund grants are supported solely on donations. When funds are available we support all who qualify. However, from time to time the fund is depleted and until it is built back up, we may have to suspend funding. All applicatons will be considered for approval. Thank you for helping a dog in need.

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