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Steps to Take: Helping A Chained/Penned Dog.

If you see a dog suffering outside, please don't ignore - everyone can do something - and animal control and officials can't help if they don't know about the situation.

....please ..always keep in mind, that kindness, abiding by the laws, and working with authorities when needed, nicely, will usually help the dog the most...not doing so often will not help these poor dogs, as owners can turn sometimes, and make things worse for that dog...we have seen it all and have learned that as hard as it is...until absolutely nothing is being done, kindness with offers of help anyway possible, will most likely provide the best results for the dog. There is absolutely a time and place for social media - use it wisely and for the best results for the dog(s).

We are here to help! Scroll down and read the steps below - years of experience with so many difficult situations have provided a useful model for us to follow in these situations. Most of the time it's a quiet success -and sometimes we need all 1.2 million followers to help us scream for help.

What we advise is:....First and very important -


Please note laws change often and the very best thing to do is to know the ordinances in your Town. They can be very different than State and County laws. Sometimes they are better, sometimes worse. But know what they are so you can help with knowledge and an understanding of what you are up against.After you understand the ordinances in your town - follow these steps and always ask for help - that's what we are here for!

1- Try speaking and offering help to the owner..trying to encourage bringing the dog inside while speaking of the facts about the chaining of our companions. Learn why the owner won't bring the dog inside.

2 -If it is not an option.....Offer help in the form of straw, food, doghouse if needed...anything to help the dog, IF this is what they have to endure for now. A warm shelter is better than no shelter at all. At least the dog will be warm until we can work on a better situation. It is not the end result, but a short term solution to saving the dog from the extreme weather - OR if you can find and be sure to have, someplace where the dog can go, an owner may be willing to surrender the dog.

3-Reach out to friends to also help if needing financial help with straw, doghouses etc.

4- If this gets you nowhere because the owner refuses your help, contact the local animal control..and encourage others to do so. If needed, get the numbers or/and emails of the animal control's supervisors as well. Don't give up...the more calls, the more the pressure will be put on to help the animal. PLEASE ALWAYS BE RESPECTFUL!

5-Reach out to no-kill rescues in your area or state. Most are full...we all are....especially this time of year but the more people involved, the more chance of finding placement for the pup if the owner willing to surrender.

6 - Don't forget to fill out the form at the link above and submit. At that time, we can begin to attempt to work with the officials and owners.

We will utilize our social media to find ways to help, find local rescues, no-kill shelters, caring animal control officers and officials to help that dog.

If you would like materiel to leave with people about chaining and penning dogs, Follow the link below and fill out the form of what you would like.

Thank you all for caring and being pro-active in helping our companions who have no voice.Let's hope 2018 brings better laws to more states, counties and towns! Slowly, we are getting there.

If you need our help, don't be afraid to ask. Please take the time to compete the chained and penned form on our website (under resources and linked below) and complete as much information as possible. We will work with local animal control and authorities to provide a better situation for the dog. We will need your help too.  The efforts must be legal and working with, instead of against, the "other side" has, most of the time, proven to be much more effective as much as it can be frustrating.Our page for resources and the facts: The form to fill out is here.


If you would like supplies to distribute, please fill out the form and we will send you material to hand out.https://dogsdeservebetter.org/resources-brochures-supplies.

We are working on building some electronic copies for those willing to print some of the info themselves for handing out.

For information about how chaining effects dogs not to mention the weather having a negative effect on them.... This site says it as well as any...There is much education out there!


Here is a soft copy of the informational letter we will mail to owners of chained or penned dogs to educate. Right click, save as and it should print from your printer at 8.5 x 11. 

The soft copy of the brochure we send to our volunteers and supporters to distribute is below. Also save as and can be printed from your computer.

Here is a soft copy of our door hanger that you are welcome to print out and leave as well. Open image in new tab or save on your hard drive to print.