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Happy Tails


King - lived outside on a chain his whole life. Thanks to people like you he has been rescued, vetted and adopted!


Leo - tied to a tractor his whole life - 6 years! Brought to Dogs Deserve Better and now adopted.

Dogs Deserve Better Success Stories

The happiest days at Dogs Deserve Better are when loving homes are found and we get to send our dogs to their new families. It is always bittersweet - after spending weeks, months and somtimes even longer, with their rehabilitation, we get very attached. But, we know a family home is where they belong. Happy tears are always shed on adoption days.

It is because of our amazing donors and supporters that we get to share these wonderful stories of success and love. We are grateful for our "DDB Village" and all who help us help them - every single day. Thank you.

This page is to share with you how your donations help us, help them. Thanks to people like you, these dogs have been rescued from a life of misery, on a chain or in a pen, neglected and often abused. Your donations allowed us to rescue each one,  have them properly vetted, spayed/neutered, treated for any and all ailments they may have and socialized - they are ready to be the best dogs they can, and want, to be.

Have a success story with before and after photos? Send it to us at melissa@dogsdeservebetter.org. We welcome all submissions; we want to share your tales of happy tails! Please keep your story one to two paragraphs. Thank you!

With continued support, Dogs Deserve Better will expand its reach to further its mission of saving all dogs chained and penned across the US. Please help us create Happy Tails for more dogs, today!




Rocco - broke his rope and ran free. Picked up by animal control and luckily his owners didn't claim him...he has a scar all the way around his neck from being tied but he never held a grudge. Loved everyone he met and now lives a great life with his new family.


Jack - twelve years on a chain! Rescued and adopted.


Lola - tied to a tree next to her Dad, Leo. Her Mama died of heat stroke tied to the tree next to her. ;-(. Luckily Lola and Leo were saved and are now adopted.

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