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Headed for a walk in the play yard.

Headed for a walk in the play yard.

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Staff and dogs enjoying the grass and sunshine in the play yards.

About Our Special Center

Housed in what was once Bad Newz Kennels, the infamous dog fighting ring, The Dogs Deserve Better Rehabilitation, Rescue and Adoption Center is now a beacon for rehabilitating dogs. The dogs we rescue were previously neglected, living on the end of a chain, outside in a pen, neglected and abused, without love, care, and very often lacking even the basic essentials of shelter and nourishment.

Now, with the help of generous donations, The Center is transforming the lives of dogs from across the country. The organization brings dogs inside, teaching them to live with humans as part of a family. The property is now a temporary home for 20+ dogs. They are socialized and trained to live in a home. Many are terrified of the doorbell, even the "pop" of a toaster. Everything is new and scary for them at first, but we are patient, understanding, and provide them with the opportunity to be the very best dog they can be.

A Day in the Life

Each day consists of nutritious meals, playtime with humans and dogs, two walks in the four acre fenced in play yard, a long nap in the afternoons, and an evening of fun and games for all. There is always something good for the dogs to do at the The Center.

When they are ready, we place them for adoption and find loving families to take them home.

We are happy that we can honor the memory and spirit of the dogs that suffered here by giving love and care to other dogs in the very same place. It is thanks to our supporters, our volunteers, and our donors that we are able to provide this rehabilitation for the dogs that need us most. We are grateful every day for the opportunity to help dogs.

To learn more about the Dogs Deserve Better Rehabilitation, Rescue and Adoption Center that has changed the lives of dogs, please email or give us a call at 757-357-9292.

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