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Gideon at Dogs Deserve Better - what a difference. He is an amazing dog that survived the worst of humans. Even after all he went through, Gideon loves everyone he meets.


Gideon having the rope which was embedded in his neck removed. He almost didn't make it.

Gideon came to Dogs Deserve Better after enduring one of the worst abuse cases that our staff had ever seen. He was tied to a tree in Ohio for the first two years of his life where he was starved and neglected. His collar was so deeply imbedded into his neck that he had to spend many hours on surgery to clean the infection and ultimately, close the wound. His previous “owner” was prosecuted.

Gideon was one of the lucky ones. He was saved in time to live the rest of his life as a dog should; safe and loved. Gideon spent training and socializing time at a nearby facility in Virginia to help him adjust to life with other dogs, people and a normal life. 

Once his training was complete he came back to our Rehabilitation Center ready for adoption. He was happy, healthy and well-loved by all of our staff. After a few weeks the owner of the training facility realized he simply could not live without Gideon by his side every day. Gideon loves his new life. He serves as an ambassador to all the dogs at the training facility which he visits every day with his new Dad and running partner.  Happy Tails to both!

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Gideon's life before being rescued.


Gideon and his Dad. Loving life like every dog should.

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