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Female | 1 yr | 40 lbs

"HEY! HEY HEY HEY! It's me...Savannah. Boy do I love my name! I learned that was me in like ONE DAY! I even know the different tones when is funny when I am being my silly is more firm when I am being my silly but a bit challenging self...and then the one when I have done ohhhhh so good! My favorite of course! No matter the reason, I know it, and I come running because I am such a good girl and I. Love. People! I love everything actually. 

I hear them whisper sometimes trying to figure out how to keep me going potty outside ALL the time....then I go out and go potty outside! HAHAHA....fooled them! ...then I can hear all the praise and love coming my way. I'm no dummy!

Some of this stuff has been hard for me to grasp but I sure am getting it finally. You see, they tell me I have quite a bit of Australian Shephard in me and some pittie...they say the best of both!!  .....that just means, I guess, that I am EVERYWHERE in this head of mine....I just want to please and do right! I LOVE agility...and running....and play with anyone that wants to play...(I can play pretty rough BUT respect whoever says 'SLOW DOWN! whether it be dog or human). I have learned I have to be patient before I can go out the door and not all cra-cra, I am getting SO good on leash. One thing we do know for sure...whatever home that gets to have me will need to be active and let me be busy learning things and maybe even I can be a farm dog or something!! I dunno, I just know I love being me, safe and taken care of! 

You see, I was taken from a neglectful property, living outside with some other animals....and boy, was my belly big! I didn't know it really but all of a sudden when I got to the shelter, out popped 5 little bundles of me within a couple of days! WHOA!! So I came to this awesome place with 5 puppies....big fat puppies that my tiny 35 lb one-year-old self had a hard time keeping up with but I wanted to keep trying!! They say it wasn't good for me to keep going so we had to separate when they were almost 4 weeks old! It was only hard the first night then we all did AWESOME!! (don't worry..they did too and are bigger and fatter now and we get to play a lot!)

So if you want to come to play! Come on! And if you just want information, email Melissa! 

I can teach you agility!! How'bout that? 




Sponsor Savannah
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