Milagro is one sweet boy.!  Adoption Pending.

Milagro is one sweet boy.!

Adoption Pending.


adoption pending

Male | 4 months | 10 lbs

One of 4 puppies born under a car to Spirit on the hoarding property, this little boy is not only unique with half a tail, his button eyes just melt you!! He is so kind, playful, energetic, smart and will get no more than probably 15 -20 lbs.

He loves being with all his pack of big and small dogs, playing in the pool or romping in the field. He is respectful of his playmates but also will put them in their place if they get too naughty.

And boy, does he love being loved and hanging in your lap!

He and his siblings are really special little canines! They’re smart, and adore humans and other animals!

If interested in this special boy, email with any questions!


Smart, Playful, Very Loving,

4 months


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