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Male | 6 yrs | 55 lbs

"WHOA! What a crazy trip this has been! Here I am, a good lookin' 6-year-old boy who knew nothing, I mean NOTHING... being chained all those years to make babies....then I wasn't!!! Someone came and got me! I didn't know how scared I was until this whole new world opened up. Do you know it took an hour to get the gross black 3 inch collar they put on me when I was a puppy off??? Crazy!

 I am still a bit nervous but OHHHHH, the love (and yea, the training) that comes with being free is the best thing EVER! I discovered tennis balls...oh baby, those are so fun!! Running free feels so good too! Now I know what those deer that came so near to me felt like when I would bark and they ran...I have learned how to make people laugh and even sometimes roll their eyes when I make them think I am coming when called then POOF!, I just run right past...but don't worry...I turn right around and go to whoever needs me... so there is that.

 Right now, I am not sure how I feel about other dogs besides Savannah here…she’s my best buddy!…. but we are working on that...the other dogs didn't treat me nice on that chain and beat me up when they came around but I and my people know I want to play so we will keep ya' posted on that and other animals too...I never met any (except deer) so I just don't know! But I will!

 I was, what I hear my people talk about, heartworm positive....but I guess they were surprised when they learned it wasn't bad...I was happy! I don't have any real symptoms they say and am going through slow kill treatment...they also say...and feeling ohhhhh so good! So much that they say is gobbly gook to me...but I get the gist of it all. I am very smart and learn very fast...I just want to please!

 So don't forget my name....that is G.U.E.R.O. ...hard G...that I do know. Because I am smart.

If you would like to learn more about me, email! She can tell you anything and everything about me!

Love, Guero"


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