Gorgeous Gracie, our newest Rottweiler angel.

Gorgeous Gracie, our newest Rottweiler angel.

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Female | 3 years | 65 lbs

Found wandering in southern South Carolina, Gracie was infested with fleas, had a terrible skin infection, and was emaciated. The tops of her teeth, both top and bottom, are worn down from apparently trying to chew her way off of a chain. It also appears that Gracie has had a litter or two in her +/- 3 years of life.

Gracie is a typical Rottweiler!! She is sweet, dedicated to wanting to please, sensitive and smart. She did test heartworm positive, but is on a fast kill treatment so she should be fine very soon.

Our Gracie has learned very quickly that she doesn’t have to worry anymore, that she can just relax and luxuriate in the love everyone is showering on her. She has gained confidence and is blossoming everyday into the cuddly and calm girl she is meant to be. With twice weekly baths, her beautiful coat should be perfect in no time.

Please email for more information on this beautiful girl. Please note that for any of our dogs who are on heartworm treatment, we will cover the cost of the medication if they happen to go to foster or are adopted.


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