Boomerang’s crooked little tail never stops wagging.

Boomerang’s crooked little tail never stops wagging.


adoption pending

Male | 4 months | 10 lbs

Just like the rest of these special little dogs, Boomerang is adorable! He is so full of love, is playful, loves to be held but also loves running and joining in on the fun in the pool!

Heading into his 4th month, he has developed into such a smart little guy, knowing his name (most of the time) and when he has been naughty.....and nice. :) very rarely naughty, he understands 'no' or 'stop'.

He plays so well with all his buddies, big and small and doesn't even mind when he gets trampled by the running pack if he's not watching where everyone is! He just gets up and joins them.

His little crooked tail makes him just more unique.

If interested in this lil' guy, email with questions.

He will be ready to go to a new home mid-October.


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