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Enjoying the cool grass, the warm sunshine, and a bully stick.


Even after 14 years tied to a magnolia tree - he smiles every minute. He loves everyone he meets.

Our staff passed Dozer on Route 10 for 2 years. We tried many times to talk the owner into allowing us to save him from his life on the chain where his best friend was a 100 year-old magnolia tree. The owner refused every time – she needed him to be a “guard dog”.

A hurricane was on the horizon and one of the magnolia trees had already fallen close to him less than a month before which heightened all of our concern. We finally offered to “board” him during the storm so that they would not have to risk THEIR safety to feed him. We were hoping that after a few days of not having to take care of him, they would allow us to keep him. It worked!

What we learned was chilling. Dozer had lived on that chain for 14 long years. Could you imagine living your life in a 5 foot circumference for 14 years? We also quickly learned that he had a very arthritic spine and his heart and lungs were filled with heartworm. Thanks to donor support, we were able to provide Dozer with all the medical treatments and rehabilitation he needed. Dozer is now quite the “spring chicken”. Not only can he stand without wobbling over, he can trot fast enough to chase his new female friends!

Dozer does nothing quickly unless it involves a pretty girl or a mole in the yard. He enjoys living inside and the comforts of a couch. We are hoping he will spend his final days or years in the confines of a loving home. If you are interested in adopting Dozer,

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Dozer stands watch while his girlfriends take a nap - always the gentleman.

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