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DDB Branches

Dogs Deserve Better has branches in both Northern Virginia and Tennessee. We also have reps and volunteers all across the country to help chained and penned dogs. Take a look below at our branches, like their Facebook page and always share the dogs needing homes. Thank you.

Dogs Deserve Better of Blue Ridge, VA

Our mission is to provide a better life for abused, neglected and abandoned canines; especially those which are chained or penned without human companionship. We strive to accomplish this through advocating for humane legislation; promoting spay and neuter; educating communities on animal welfare; and rescuing and finding loving inside homes for canines.  We have an all volunteer team, committed to helping dogs in need in the Blue Ridge area of Virginia.

We are dedicated to stepping up our efforts to work with families who believe outdoor living is the only option. Many times, it becomes generational expectations, which through a respectful and understanding relationship, can change.  We are dedicated to give people the tools they need to make that change.

Website: www.dogsdeservebetterblueridge.org

Dogs Deserve Better Nashville

Our 100% Volunteer Team, aka #TeamDDBNashville, works diligently in under-serviced neighborhoods to provide nonjudgmental assistance to families with dogs who are continuously chained/penned. One in six Americans lives in poverty in the US. Six out of ten households have pets. This means way too many pets are living in poverty as well. Most of these families are giving their dog everything they have to offer, which is not always enough. 

#TeamDDBNashville is building relationships with people in these communities. We are educating families on proper care of their pets, as well as providing much needed supplies and medical care to keep the dogs healthy and happy. Our team offers free spay/neuter, vaccinations, wellness care, flea prevention, collars, basic obedience training and in many cases, a fence so the dog has a safe area in which to run free and enjoy life. For the families that decide they cannot offer their dog a better life, they surrender their dogs to DDB Nashville. We rehabilitate the dog and find them a new, loving, forever home. 

Learn how you can join DDB Nashville and become a member of our team and begin helping the chained/penned dogs of our Nashville and surrounding communities! 

Website: www.ddbnashville.org

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