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Bring Dogs into the Family


Gideon's life before. That tree was all he had. The rope was embedded so far in his neck he needed surgery to remove it.

Bring Dogs Into the Family is a fund designed to specifically help us remove dogs from chains and into a family.

Our volunteers work on a national level to help good samaritans who are a voice for those who can not speak for themselves. They work with animal control and local rescue organizations to free dogs from a terrible life by providing education, fencing, vet care, etc., to do what is best for the dog and help him become the best, social, companion and friend he always wanted to be.

This is made possible by our donors, volunteers and supporters across the nation. Please consider donating to this cause - help us help them. Thank you.


Gideon's life now. That's his "Dad". Thanks to people like you, Gideon is the dog he always wanted to be!

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