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Looking for a new best friend? We’re sure he/she is right here waiting for you!

Please Note: All of our dogs for adoption are not on the page yet! They will be soon. Please head to our Petfinder page to see more! 

Dogs Deserve Better several dogs available for adoption that are ready for their forever home. Will it be yours? We can arrange transport to anywhere in the United States. Pictured below are several of our dogs available for adoption. Just click on their picture for more information. Our dogs change often so be sure to check with melissa@dogsdeservebetter.org if you don't see your next best friend pictured here - he or she might not be uploaded yet or waiting to be spayed/neutered, etc. He could be right here waiting for you!

You can click on each dog for a description and more photos as well as the link to the adoption form. Or you can complete the adoption application without a particular dog in mind by clicking here.

These dogs need loving homes where they can live inside and be a part of your family. They will make truly wonderful companions. They have been spayed/neutered, received all routine vaccines as well as parasite, heartworm and tick-borne disease tests and have been treated if necessary. They're trained and ready to be welcomed inside your home. You may find yourself asking, "who saved whom?"

For more information on any of our dogs or to talk about new arrivals, please contact Melissa at melissa@dogsdeservebetter.org or call 757-357-9292. Thank you.




























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