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Adopt Tory

Our amazing Tory...When he arrived here, from the getgo, he was a polite, sweet, starved, abused boy.... for not only food, but attention. We could see how appreciative he was though ....and he still remains the same as he gets healthier and acclimating into his living in a house. He was pretty severely abused and watching his sister die from starvation at the hands of his abusers, he almost followed her but was rescued by a wonderful woman who went all out to get this boy safe. He has gained 23 lbs, now at 59 lbs! He is about 4 years old. He is loving, smart as a whip and, which is usually the case with these amazing dogs, just wants to do what is right to make you happy. There are still things we will learn about him as we move through his heartworm treatment and get him completely healthy.... but what we can say, is he is a great boy to date, surviving the odds! We have no doubt he will be fine with other dogs...a guess is he will prefer the girls over the boys, ...He's a ladies man for sure. For more information on this boy, who is located at our center in Smithfield VA, please send an inquiry! or just go ahead and email melissa@dogsdeservebetter.org. or go below and click to fill out an application!