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Adopt Teddy

My name is Teddy. Some may be a bit confused if you have come back to see some different info here about me! I was too! But here is the real deal!

I am about 4, we think. I really just am loving my life so much now! It was a bit hard to adjust being off the chain but have learned to be a polite, less excitable, good dog! I still love my zoomies though!! I really am not a big barker unless I get going with my zoomies, playing with you, then I may bark a bit out of excitement!

I am a bit cautious with meeting new people but do warm up if I can take my time, go for walks, sniff...I sniff a lot..gives me LOTS of info as you probably know.

I am doing pretty darn good meeting other dogs. Of course, those that won't jump on me at first are the best kind.

Please email that girl, Melissa, and she can fill you in on what a great lil' 20 lb dog I am!

Love, Teddy.

Just scroll down to "Adopt Now" to complete an adoption application. For more information on this love-bug please email melissa@dogsdeservebetter.org.