Adopt Sadie

It is me....the one, the only SADIE! If I told you what I have learned in the past year, you would be as proud as my people are! I was one hot mess for a long time. Now I listen, LOVE agility, can focus easier (one of those ADD dogs they tell me) and worship the ground my people walk on. Sometimes I get a little cracra and forget that I don't get to play with walking feet anymore...ya see...I am a bit overstimulated by many things but have learned how to control it. I don't have a mean bone in my body...My favorite person will be dedicated to me and give me lots of constructive exercise and know how smart and loving I am...oh yea, probably shouldn't have a whole lot of crazienss in the home either. Just ask my person here....Melissa....she will tell you every little detail about me. I know I am her favorite although she won't admit it...SMH.
Love, Sadie

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