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Adopt Ralph

If there was a show JUST for really goofy hound dogs, Ralph would be a star. 
Ralph is all hound. His best hound buddy, Benny, and he are quite the pair who love to play and romp around our fenced in fields and chase birds together. 

Ralph is about 5 yrs old, 60+ lbs and once his place in the pack is established without a lot of confusion, he is the most loyal, loving, kind dog and will do whatever you ask. He is a protector of his pack. 

Ralph is more laid back but once he decides to get into his zoomies, he creates much laughter for anyone watching...and toys? He can take them or leave them but if he takes them....that too is VERY funny to watch as he just has a blast with himself!

Ralph is very food motivated but knows his "wait" commands! 

Please contact Melissa@dogsdeservebetter.org for all the info on this special pup. 
He is located in Smithfield, VA.  Or follow the link: