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Adopt Cinnamon

Cinnamon came to us "possibly" pregnant....with what we assumed were 5 puppies but you really couldn't tell....jump forward a little over a month and upon a quick x-ray to see if something was up because this girl could barely move she was so huge,  there were not 5 puppies, there were 13! She had  13 beautiful, healthy pups, was an amazing mom and now all are gone from the nest. She then had to have her heartworm treated.  Now she is ready to go. We do not know her history but can assume it was a tough one. She is sweet, very loving and will cuddle all day with her people but she can be protective until she knows any new people entering into the pack. Loyalty is her middle name. Cinnamon should probably be the only dog in the house as she is dog selective. She will do amazing with someone who has some dog leadership experience and we know she will excel! She would also do great with an active person. And when you are done for the day, she is all for curling up wherever her person is and after a ton of kisses, she will rest. 

If you would like more information on Cinnamon, please contact melissa@dogsdeservebetter.org. Or call 757-357-9292. If you would like to adopt Cinnamon, just scroll down and click on the "Adopt Now" button.