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Adopt Bricks

Bricks is one of the most unique little nugget of a dog we know...and we adore him. 
He makes us laugh, smile and appreciate every moment of every day, because he just wants to please!.
This boy is about 3 and a half and...although he may not look it, 50 Lbs. 
He loves his female canine friends and thinks they are a lot of fun.
He only wants to do what will make his person proud. He loves to cuddle but it does take him a sec to realize that is what is wanted, he just gets so excited wanting to be loved or played with. He lives for that!
Bricks deserves a home and really wants you to email melissa@dogsdeservebetter to find out about who he is, what he needs and how much he loves you ....already! 
He is located in Smithfield, VA! Or just scroll down and hit the Adopt Now button to fill out an application.