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Adopt Benny

Meet Benny! Benny IS one of the goofiest hounds ever! He is absurdly affectionate, loves his people and extremely loyal. 

You may not learn this right at first but trust us, he will make you laugh and laugh at his antics while he makes sure you are his true friend.....It really doesn't take long. . 

He is about 4 years old, about 60 lbs and when he is comfortable enough and he can give you hugs...well the rest is history. He will do anything you ask...his friends know it, especially his best bud, Ralph.....and his people know it. 

Benny is a special fellow and we would love to tell you about this guy and how great he will be when given the opportunity to just shine and look at you so proud which he does.....a lot! 

Contact Melissa at melissa@dogsdeservebetter.org or scroll down and click on the "Adopt Now" button to complete an application. Thank you. He is waiting in Smithfield VA....but we may be playing out in the field with our friends if we don't get right back to you. But we sure will! 


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