Our Story Begins

Dogs Deserve Better started in 2002 when the very first dog was removed from a chain by founder Tamira Thayne. Since that time we have grown leaps and bounds, strengthened our mission, rescued more dogs from a life living solely outside, on a chain or in a pen, and expanded to help dogs on a national level. Every year we work to grow and help more dogs, and thanks to supporters like you, we continue to expand reaching more families and rescues who need our help. 


DDB Then & Now


In 2011, Dogs Deserve Better was able to purchase our current headquarters in Smithfield, Virginia.  The property was once the home of the Bad Newz Kennels, the dog-fighting compound owned by Michael Vick. Thanks to an outpouring of support from supporters and donors, we were able to purchase the property and transform it into the a fully functioning rehabilitation center for abused and neglected canines. Every year, we are able to assist more dogs in need and in 2015, we were able to make significant changes to the living space. The area, which comfortably housed 12 dogs, now supports 20 dogs, and even more when puppies arrive.


 In addition to our center in Smithfield, we have volunteers all across the country working to free dogs from life on a chain or living outside. Our National Rescue Coordinator helps individuals and rescues every day. Our DDB branch reps also serve as adoption/foster facilitators, fence builders, and advocates for our mission. It takes a village to be successful and show positive results - the DDB Village is growing in numbers and determination. Join us and help us continue to grow!