2019 DDB Calendar – The Touch of Rescue

When you order our calendar, you are helping us help more dogs with so much need whether it is medical needs and/or emotional needs. The joy we get from seeing our dogs progress, learning to love being handled after sometimes years of abuse/neglect, by what may be the simplest of pats or hugs. It truly is priceless!

These calendars make a wonderful gift for any dog lover/rescue person/animal lover....but don't wait! We only have a limited amount.

If you would like to send a check to order a calendar, you may send to: DDB Calendars, 1915 Moonlight Rd. Smithfield, VA 23430.

Or if you prefer PayPal instead of the below form, click the button which will take you to the PayPal page for ordering. Please Note: If you need your calendar/s sent to a different address than that which is on your PayPal account, you must note in the note section upon checkout and put the complete address in there! Thank you.