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DDB Branches

DDBNashville is building relationships with people in impoverished communities. They educate families on proper care of their pets, as well as provide much needed supplies and medical care to keep the dogs healthy and happy. In cases of surrender, dogs are rehabilitated and find new, loving, forever homes.  Read more...

Happy Tails

Happy Tails are our tales of happiness! Read our success stories to smile and be inspired. Learn how your generous gifts of money, time, or talent will save dogs living at the end of a chain. Often, these dogs not only lack the love and affection they deserve, but also the nourishment and basic care they desperately need. Read more...


With advocacy you can change the lives of dogs who are left to exist in pens too small or at the end of chains. Help Dogs Deserve Better go right to the solution - chain laws. Participate in Lobby Days, write your Congressmen and Senators, and more. We have all of the resources you need to help today! Read more...