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Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington 2-2-11

Burien, WA - Two dogs saved from a miserable life on a chain earlier this week are in the center of heated controversy between Dogs Deserve Better, and the King County Sheriff's office.

On Monday, the dogs were freed from their chains and taken to a local vet clnic to be treated for severe starvation. Just days later, Dogs Deserve Better representatives received urgent messages from the sheriff's office stating that the dog's location needed to be shared so that they could be moved to a local animal shelter to be held as evidence.

On Thursday this disturbing development was shared.The notion of moving emaciated dogs from a nurturing, attentive foster home, to an animal care and control facility angered many readers.

Many individuals wrote to Sgt. John Urquhart at the sheriff's office - expressing their dismay over the directive to move the dogs. Oddly enough, Sgt. Urquhart responded to one reader with the following,

Our plan is to leave them where they are.

Sgt. John Urquhart
Sheriff's Office Administration
King County Sheriff's Office

An email contrary to information left for Kelly Page, Washington Representative for Dogs Deserve Better, who was left messages from Sgt. Urquhart advising that the dogs must be moved to the shelter to be held as evidence.

According to Page,

We honestly want to work with the police and help their investigation. We're not being crazy animal radicals. We took Joel and Julie as they were relinquished to us by owner and police and we were standing by to provide anything Burien police needed.

We want to let the public know we are not standing in the way of the investigation. We have offered photos, vet records and anything they need, including seeing the dogs. We were not told they had to go back to the police and we see no way this will hinder their investigation.

According to Page, on the day that the dogs were confiscated, the accompanying policeman, Officer Easterbrook,  made numerous attempts to contact Animal Control officers but they never responded.

Advertisement Page further states that,

(the) Officer then relinquished both dogs to our 2 rescues and said nothing about needing them back nor foster homes need to be run by them. Owner signed written relinquishment of both Joel and Julie to our rescues. Officer Easterbrook took photos for evidence, vet records and written statements.

At this time, Dogs Deserve Better has enlisted the services of a lawyer and they have no intention of turning the emaciated dogs over to the Sheriff's office. They are more than willing to work with the Sheriff's office in any way that is necessary to help facilitate charges against the dogs' prior owner. The rescue simply wants what is best for the dogs.

Joel and Julie are in compromised health - their bodies reflect the severe malnourishment that they have suffered through. A move to an animal shelter, or a cage at a vet clinic, would only serve to hinder their recovery.

For now, the dogs appear to be staying with their rescuers. According to the email from Sgt. Urquhart, that is where they will remain....unless the Sheriff's office changes their mind...once again.

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