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Pembroke, VA

Southwest, VA - Dogs Deserve Better Represents 2 Chained And Neglected Dogs In Court. Verdict - Guilty!

January 28th, 2011 - Giles County Virginia General District Court







Today 2 chained and neglected dogs were victorious!! In July, 2009 just weeks after becoming a Dogs Deserve Better Representative, Shannon Allen received an anonymous complaint regarding multiple chained dogs located at 110 Peak Lane in Pembroke, VA. After multiple attempts to speak with owner's and leaving dog food, treats, and straw over a 9 month period; one of the residents told Shannon to stay off of their property. Shannon then turned the case over to Animal Control.

In December 2010, Animal Control was again called to the home. Upon arriving one of the residents opened her front door and several small dogs ran out, one biting the ACO twice. He went to the back of the house to inspect the other dogs and found 2 very thin pit bulls. The white pit bull, who has since been named Percy, was gnawing on a deer skull trying to absorb some nutrients. The ACO went to his truck and came back with a cup of dog food. When the emaciated dog smelled the food, he broke his chain, knocked the cup out of the ACO's hand, and gobbled the food up in seconds. The red pit bull, who has since been named Lilah, was very scared. Seeing another dog house, he suspected there was yet another chained, emaciated dog on the property. He looked inside the house and found a motionless black pit bull. He used the dog's chain to pull him out of the house. Sadly the dog was deceased. No necropsy was done but based on evidential photographs, the dog appeared to have starved or froze to death. The ACO took custody of the dogs and charged two of the three residents with: unvaccinated dogs, unlicensed dogs, and inadequate space exercise and care.

DDB Virginia Rep Shannon Allen attended the hearing where her case notes were presented. Upon review of the evidence, after viewing the horrific photos, after listening to the mother and daughter argue about who was to blame, the judge charged them both and gave Animal Control permission to seize the remaining animals on the property. The judge was obviously disgusted and stated that "they clearly do not care about their animals and there is no question that the 2 seized dogs will NOT be returned."

Although the third resident was in the courtroom today he will be going to court later in February to answer for the death of the little black dog.

Dogs Deserve Better will take custody of Lilah and Percy on Monday and will be fostered by Shannon. Both dogs will need to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heart-worm tested, de-wormed, and micro-chipped. We have started a Chip In to help us pay for the care that they so deserve. Both dogs will be available for adoption in the coming weeks. You can learn more at

Photos of the dogs (including the black dog) at the time of the seizure cannot be released until after the February hearing.

As you can see, there has been nearly a decade of animal abuse perpetrated by these people. Please take note of their names as DNA's: The names of the two convicted today are Freda Poff and Ashley Cook of 110 Peak View Lane, Pembroke, VA. The name of the third resident will be released after the February hearing.



February 25th, 2011 - Giles County General District Court

Michael Poff of 110 Peak View Lane, Pembroke, VA was found guilty of animal cruelty for allowing his black pit bull to freeze to death at the end of a chain. He was sentenced to 6 months with 5 suspended and supervised probation. Michael Poff is currently serving his one month sentence at the New River Valley Regional Jail.

March 23rd, 2011 - Lilah and Percy Update

Lilah (red dog) was pulled from the shelter by DDB Rep Shannon Allen and fostered until she found her forever home. Perci (white dog), unfortunately could not be released due to extreme aggression and was euthanized several days after the hearing.

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