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Is it Better to Punish those who Abuse
or those who Shine the Light on Abuse?

The Case of Seven Pennsylvania DOGS on Gypsy Hollow Road near Tyrone, Blair County

Want to Chip In for Tami's Trespassing Fines for trying to help these dogs? Every penny given over the court fine and costs will go to Dogs Deserve Better to help END THIS ABUSE!

Update: 70 People Chip In over $1700 to Pay Thayne's Fine! Send Strong Message to Officials: Enough is Enough. Stop the Abuse.

dog with tumor

Dawn Ashby: Thumbs Up to Tamira Ci Thayne

Dogs Deserve Better Urges All To
Stop Tolerating the Abuse of Chaining
and Join the Coalition to
Pass a Tethering Law in Pennsylvania NOW

March 8, 2010

WTAJ News Report
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Altoona Mirror Frontpage March 11, 2009
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bloody diarrhea


more diarrhea

dog with tumor 2



matted dog

March 7, 2010, Altoona, PA — Dogs Deserve Better is asking the question they've asked every day for the last three House and Senate sessions:

How long, Pennsylvania? How long must chained dogs wait for a law protecting them from this abuse?

Dogs Deserve Better had heard rumors of dogs chained in the mountains off Gypsy Camp Hollow Rd. in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. An anonymous tip on the location sent them out to investigate the situation.

On the abandoned property are seven dogs, all suffering in a variety of ways: each is full of hook and whip worms, one dog cannot see, one has a cracked and bleeding tumor on his face, one little dog is matted from head to tail, and the worst one has a major protrusion in her vaginal area. One dog died during the January cold snap.

This scenario repeats itself in towns all across Pennsylvania, as dogs await passage of a new bill which would limit the chaining of dogs.

Tethering of dogs on a continual basis is cruel for many reasons, not the least of which is the danger of death in sub-zero temperatures. Because dogs are pack animals, they can become neurotic or aggressive due to lack of socialization with humans, and last year three Pennsylvania children were reported seriously injured or killed by chained or penned dogs.

The real tragedy is that the cruelty and danger caused by tethering dogs is completely avoidable through legislation. The new legislation would limit chaining in Pennsylvania, resulting is safer towns for our children and more compassionate living for Man's Best Friend.

Dogs Deserve Better, a national nonprofit working to end the suffering of dogs kept perpetually chained or caged, is joining with organizations and individuals state-wide to form a coalition to Unchain Pennsylvania's Dogs and get this law passed to end this abuse.

“Seeing these Tyrone dogs this weekend just blew me away,” says Tamira Ci Thayne, founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better. "That this cruelty could be legal in any way, shape, or form is something I cannot even wrap my head around. Sadly, only better laws will ensure humane treatment of dogs and end continual tethering. We are asking all Pennsylvania citizens to join our coalition at UnchainPADogs.com. Together, we have the power to pass legislation and end the cruel practice of constant tethering."

So far four states have passed limitations on chaining: California, Texas, Connecticut, and Nevada. Hundreds of cities and counties have passed limitations or flat-out bans.

Please visit the following websites to learn more about dog chaining, the reasons it is cruel to dogs and dangerous to humans, and to sign up for the coalition to pass a law. UnchainPADogs.com or DogsDeserveBetter.org

Photos and video of Pennsylvania chained dogs is available by contacting tddb@dogsdeservebetter.org. Watch the video of these seven dogs at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PzFFjKUBxc.

Update of this case: The abusers were tipped off that things were going down. They went out there on Sunday, March 7, 2010, and cleaned up the area. They removed the two smallest dogs, the chihuahua mix and the white one with matted fur. The humane officer from Central Pennsylvania Humane Society did go out there twice over the weekend, and on Monday got them to release three of the dogs, the girl with the physical backend problems, the boy with the tumor, and the black and tan dog.

As of this moment, to our knowledge there are STILL TWO DOGS CHAINED OUT THERE. The blind St. Bernard mix, and the black dog who rolled over for a belly scratching. Both of these dogs are VERY, VERY nice dogs! They deserve MUCH better than to be mere pieces of trash out on an abandoned piece of property.

The reason the humane officer gave for leaving them out there? Chaining is not illegal, therefore his hands are tied...and with them not having more major physical problems, he cannot pull them. Being blind is apparently not enough to help the St. Bernard mix. Both dogs are still sitting ducks to any wild animal or human intending to do ill. They cannot defend themselves.

If there were a chaining law, such as we are trying to get for the third session in a row, THEY WOULD NOT BE SITTING OUT THERE AT THIS MOMENT! Please, if you live in Pennsylvania, it is SO important that you join our coalition to pass a chaining law, AND you contact your State and Senate Reps and tell them what you think of this situation.

To our knowledge there are no cruelty charges being filed against these abusers.


Update, March 15, 2010, Altoona, PA — March 5, 2010, Dogs Deserve Better's Tamira Thayne investigated a report of dogs chained and abused on abandoned property off Gypsy Camp Hollow Road in Tyrone, Pennsylvania.

Central Pennsylvania Humane Society's Paul Gottshall claimed he knew about these dogs but couldn't go onto the property because they hadn't been reported to him. Apparently it's ok to abuse your animals as long as they can't quite see exactly what kind of abuse you're heaping upon them.

Tamira reported the abuse to him, and he said he'd take care of the situation. Instead, he met officer Wagner of the Pennsylvania State Police at the site, and they conspired to charge Tamira Thayne with trespassing. The people who left these dogs in these conditions, one with her uterus hanging out, and one with a huge tumor on his face, not to mention the copious amount of diarrhea that indicated heavy worm infestations, received NO CHARGES OF ANIMAL CRUELTY, despite the obvious need for immediate veterinary care as provided in existing Pennsylvania Cruelty law.

Is it better to charge those who abuse animals or those who shine a spotlight on the abuse? I think we know Pennsylvania's answer to that.

The abusers gave up three of the dogs to the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society. Two remain chained at the property, the black dog and the blind St. Bernard mix.

The CPHS will not allow Dogs Deserve Better to pull the three dogs, even though we pull dogs from shelters all over the country, get them housetrained, vetted, and ready for new homes. Other 501c3 nonprofit rescue organizations have also tried to pull the dogs. They've been told that the shelter will adopt out the two, the hound and the brown dog, but that Big Boy, the one with the tumor on his face will not be available for adoption, and they will not release information on him.

Good shelters nationwide allow rescue organizations to pull any dogs they want from there in order to save space for other dogs and stop the killing of animals. If this shelter had a place for these dogs, why would they kill any or all of them?

From Tamira Thayne: "I did not risk my personal safety and well-being to help these dogs only to have them die in the shelter. Do dogs deserve life on a chain and then death in a shelter? I think not. Please stand with me today in expecting answers from the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society. What have you done with Big Boy, CPHS? Why would you not release him to rescue when you knew that people wanted to help him? You are morally and ethically obligated to provide dogs with a good life when you pull them off a chain. If Big Boy were with me, whether we could operate on that tumor or not, he would be welcome to lay on my couch and catch treats for the rest of his life if I could not find him a home. He deserved that.

"We want answers. If you donate to this shelter, or if you care about the fate of these dogs, please join with me in insisting Central Pennsylvania Humane Society provide us with the answers as to what they have done with Big Boy. We want proof that he's still alive. We want him and the others release to rescue so they don't die in the shelter. They deserve better."

Call CPHS today:
Phone: 814.942.5402
Fax: 814.942.8505
Email: info@centralpahumane.org

Dogs Deserve Better • P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684 • 814.941.7447 • www.dogsdeservebetter.org

Please help us pass a law that will stop these abusers from torturing anymore dogs! Join our coalition today at http://www.unchainpadogs.com. Contact your local Pennsylvania State House Reps and Senators and tell them, NO MORE! The abuse stops here and now.

Find them at: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/find.cfm

Donate to help us pass this law at http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org or http://www.unchainpadogs.com





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